November Committee News

Item added Sunday, November 21, 2021

We were saddened by the news last month of the sudden death of our member Donna Young. Some of you will remember seeing the beautiful girls Emily & Gracie performing at 50 Dundas. We send our heartfelt condolences to Richard and the family.
As Covid-19 tightens it’s grip, the Committee has been working hard to make sure that we can operate safely to allow us to continue to enjoy excellent live music in Dunedin. A full set of our new protocols have been posted on all of our outlets. Our Club nights recently have been well attended and the Open Mic has been attracting good numbers and quite a few new people which keeps it fresh.
Sadly, the Whare Flat Festival committee made the decision to cancel this year’s event due to Covid restrictions and financial risk. A full statement from festival director Stephen has been posted on the website and Facebook pages.
We continue to make small improvements around the Opoho venue and the stage area is looking fantastic. We plan to meet with the Bowling Club committee early January to discuss bigger agenda items such as upgrades to the kitchen and installation of hot water.
We had a recent communication from the organisers of the Thieves Alley Market Day in February. We have application forms on our noticeboard for any performers who want to apply for a spot on the day.
We have just a couple more great concerts coming up before our final night of the year on December 12th. This will be a party night – free entry, bring a plate and drinks. Your Committee will be organising a great night of musical entertainment for you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Covid requirements

Item added Wednesday, November 17, 2021

As Covid travels down the country and gets closer to us, the committee has been deciding how best  to keep our members safe while at the same time continuing to operate. We are aware that we have people in our community who have compromised health and we want to give people opportunities to perform as well as enjoying those performances. Therefore we have studied the government's traffic light system and decided that the best way we can do this is to require all attendees and performers to be double vaccinated. Masks are required when you are up and moving - you can remove them when seated.
We understand and respect that everyone has the right to make their own choices and are aware some members of our community may have preferences that do not align with these requirements. However we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees and this is our highest priority.

TICKETS for Andrew London Duo

Item added Thursday, November 4, 2021

TICKETS for Andrew London Duo
We expect a high demand for seats at the Andrew London concert on Sunday 14 November. Although the room has a limit of 105 people we cannot allow this number and still have any sort of space between people. Therefore numbers will be restricted and all tickets MUST BE prepaid and all attendees must be double vaccinated.
Tickets can be purchased at the club this Sunday coming or you can do this online by emailing – requesting a specific number of tickets and making a declaration that all ticket holders will be vaccinated. You will get an email back giving you bank details for payment and your ticket will not be confirmed until payment is made. First in first served, and there will be a limit of 50 tickets.

October Committee News

Item added Wednesday, October 13, 2021

After a short disruption due to Covid-19, we are back in business and have had some great Sunday night concerts already. The program is full to the end of the year with some great looking events such as the “Songs From the Musicals” and we’re excited to be sharing a whole weekend event with our treasured and talented 51ers on Labour weekend. Thursday nights continue to be a great variety night in our cosy environment. After careful consideration, we have re-opened the café so you will all get your half time cuppa and biscuit once again on these evenings.
As we move forward in our current newish venue we are making the conscious effort to publish events as being at The Dunedin Folk Club rather than Opoho Bowling Club. We need to keep our strong identity. With this in mind, Sam has erected a Folk Club sign at the gate and the process is starting to look at developing a new Club Logo since we can’t now use the 50 Dundas ID. This will be done in conjunction with an upgrade of our Club and Festival websites. This may take some time so please bear with us.
Preparations are in full swing for the Whare Flat festival at New Year in the hope that we will be back in Level 1 by then. There is a small contingency plan being developed in the unthinkable case that we are not – so that we don’t miss out entirely. Watch this space!
To maximise use of our new rooms, our Sunday afternoons sessions are now getting under way. Keep an eye on the weekly emailed newsletter for info on which session is on any week. Gold coin entry to any of these and to the Open Mic. If you do not receive our newsletter contact us and ask to be added to the mailing list.
As a side note – the Opoho Bowling Club is now open for the summer season and all Folkies are welcome to join them and ask about bowling. Over the summer we may have a joint event or 2 so that we can all get to know each other.

September Committee News

Item added Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We were all saddened to hear of the recent death of long time Club supporter Tony Parry. Whilst not a performer, Tony was a regular face on Sunday nights and also attended Contra Dance for many years. He will be sadly missed as a kind and gentle man.

Here are some comments about him on Facebook

"I worked with Tony and the disabled people he helped at the physio pool" 

"He worked as a conversation assistant in my language class"

"Such a sweet, kind, humble, strong, loving man!"

During this latest COVID-19 outbreak, the committee has been working away to see how we could make things work under the current guidelines. We have set up the Opoho rooms to accommodate only 50 people and have decided not to operate the café and to perform acoustically unless performers bring their own gear. We’re hoping that this situation doesn’t last too long and there has been suggestion today from the government that we may get to increase to gatherings of 100 from next week. 

The committee also continues to watch how the new Club space is working and make changes accordingly. We will soon be erecting a DFC sign at the gate for more visibility of where we are.

 Our event program has been severely disrupted by Covid but we are returning to business on Sunday Sept 26th and will be encouraging local artists to fill the spaces that have arisen.

To make full use of our new venue, several groups will be taking up residence – Celtic sessions, Fiddle orchestra etc – please ask the committee or email us if you want to know more about these groups.

AGM 2021

Item added Wednesday, June 30, 2021

This years AGM will be held on Sunday 4 July, 2021 at 6 pm.

Please see the Downloads page for the minutes of last year's AGM. 

Prez Sez - getting Sunday nights going again under Level 2

Item added Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hi Folkies,
Your committee have met and looked at all the regulations and requirements related to Covid 19 and we are delighted to announce that we are going to resume club activities from Sunday June 7th. Hopefully we will be at level 1 by then but we are planning on working with level 2 restrictions for a while to maintain your safety. In order to do this we have set out the following:
You will need to give your name to the person at the door who will record your attendance and ensure we have contact details for you.
We won't be handling money ( see below)
The nights will be totally acoustic - no microphones.
The seating will be arranged in bubbles so that you sit with your group with spacing between each group.
No cafe or bar will operate as we are not meant to mingle so please bring your own refreshments if you want any.
Since there are no refreshments on sale and we can't mingle, there will be no break in the night.
Two hours is the maximum for events so we will start at 7.30 and aim to finish around 9pm.
Having spent several months paying rent with no income we are now trying to raise funds as much as we can. So, we have decided that the first night will be entry by donation. That way if you have been hit financially by this pandemic you are most welcome to attend free. If, however, you have been saving money by not buying coffees or drinks out at music events then you might want to give a larger donation to help us along. Totally up to you. We will have a container at the door that you can drop your contribution into, so please bring cash.

Pres Sez - Covid19 awareness

Item added Tuesday, March 17, 2020

With the increasing concern over Covid19, your committee has met and have put a number of measures in place to improve your safety. We have had no luck trying to get sanitiser for the front desk. (It appears that while Dunedin people maybe being sensible about their toilet paper needs, you can't get sanitiser for love nor money).

  • We are asking everyone to sign in at the door with a contact phone number so that you can be contacted if that ever becomes necessary.
  • Since we can't be cleaning microphones between every performer, all floor spots on Sundays and all open mic performers will be acoustic for the foreseeable future unless you want to bring along your own microphone. The main performers will get to use mics and we have purchased covers that will be washed from week to week.

Until instructed otherwise we will try to maintain as much normality as possible and continue to provide you with great entertainment each Sunday and Thursday. In the cafe area please don't help yourself to any items of food or drinks and leave this to the cafe staff.Look after yourselves and remember if you are at all unwell stay at home.

Prez Sez: Post AGM

Item added Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the AGM last Sunday. We had a good meeting with some very useful discussion. You can find the President's report on the website if you weren't able to attend and that gives you some idea of what we have been trying to do over the last year and where our focus will be for the foreseeable future.

We have a few new committee members and a few people who are taking a break. Welcome to Mike Dillon and Carole Stewart (Secretary). 

Each year we try to run one barndance and will do so again as well as having a few social nights for only members.
Help us keep the club vibrant and current by coming along and giving us your idea about what you would like to hear and anything else you would like us to consider doing.  

Matchmakers Schedule

Item added Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Groups have yet to submit their chosen names, but here's a proforma list for each of the nights:

June 9th  - Mike's group    ------------   Heather's group ---------------Anna'group --------------------------Carole's group
                 Richard's group ----------------Alan's group ---------------------------Keri's group -----------------------Leo's group
June 16th  - My group -------------Siobhan's group --------------------Gaye's group ---------------------Phil's group
                  Jenny's group --------------Lindsey (Greg's ) group -----------------Hyram's group ---------------Gordon's group


Matchmakers Concerts - Groups announced!

Item added Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The first two clubnights in June (Sundays 9 and 16) will be Matchmakers Concerts. Our Matchmakers event is where we (Especially Deputised Committee Members) have allocated our performing members into unfamiliar groups (listed below) to come up with two items to perform in one of the two June nights.
There's no compunction to take part - there are enough people in each group If you are not on the list and would like to be involved, drop us a line also so we don't leave you out. These nights are a lot of fun and hidden talents are always discovered.
And now: the envelope please...
Matchmakers Groups 2019
Please Note, the first person listed in each group is the nominal coordinator for the group - you will be sent contact details for the others in your group by email.
  • Group 1: Gaye Davies, Steve Barkman, Jonathon Robinson, Geoff Barkman, Donna Thompson, Martin Fraser
  • Group 2: Jenny Madill, Neil Copeland, Ted Ross, Margie Davis, Brian Sterling
  • Group 3: Phil Corfield, John Egenes, Robbie Stevens, Jo Field, Tabitha Littlejohn,
  • Group 4: Mike Moroney, Melissa Partridge, Lynn Vare, Monica Barkman, Graham Woodhead,
  • Group 5: Bernadette Berry, Terry Ebeling, Peter Knight, Steve Hudson, Paul Nelson,
  • Group 6: Siobhan Dillon, Manuella Cemtanni, Oscar LaDell, Elise Allen, Jared Smith,
  • Group 7: Anna Bowen, Denis Gordon, Christine Keller, Jock Walton, Kirsten Warner, Marion Mehrtons
  • Group 8: Gordon McKay, Ronel Hunter, Read Hudson, Greg Hings, Bronwyn Mohring,
  • Group 9: Heather LaDell, Steve King, John Meddings, Adrienne Koreman, Kathryn Olcott,
  • Group 10: Carole Stewart, Mike Dillon, Stephen Stedman, Alex McAlpine, Anne Taylor,
  • Group 11: Richard Dingwall, Rob Waddell, Imogen Coxhead, Anne Tacon, Terisha Hubbard, Malcolm Gordon
  • Group 12: to be advised.
  • Group 13: Alan McCulloch, Alison Johnson, Kim Garret, Helene Steenman, Graeme Roxburgh
  • Group 14: Lindsey Shields, Maura Turner, Ian Milne, Jeffrey Robinson, Richard Pettinger, Greg Waite
  • Group 15: Hyram Ballard, Kay Hudson, Kirk Hamilton, Tracy Pettinger, Dave Coleclough, Tahu McKenzie
  • Group 16: Keri Smith, Joseph Balfe, John Dodd, Laurie Young, Russell Phillips, Ian Winter
  • Group 17: Leo LaDell, Bernard Madill, Iain Mitchell, Glenda Rogers, Steve Guthrie, Marita Purchase

Annual General Meeting

Item added Monday, April 1, 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting of the New Edinburgh Folk Club Inc. (Dunedin Folk Club)
The AGM of the club is set down for Sunday April 28th at 4pm.
The club is seeking new committee members. All positions are contestable: President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven ordinary members. Here is the nomination form - new nominations and nominees are welcome and must be with the Secretary 14 days before the AGM. Nominations will not be taken from the floor.
Please make sure your membership is current - you can fill out this online form and we'll let you know if you're already paid up, otherwise it's a simple matter to pay online.

A Fond Farewell to Peter and Dianne

Item added Sunday, February 24, 2019

Friday April 5th from 6pm, join us for a Pot Luck Dinner and social to wish Peter and Dianne Madill farewell. Peter and Dianne have been very active and incredibly helpful members of the folk club since they moved to Dunedin, both serving on the committee and Peter, as President. Both are Life Members of the Dunedin Folk Club. They will be much missed.

Bring along some food for a shared meal and some drink for the table and wish them all the best for their move to Wellington region. Instruments are always a good idea.

Prez Sez - 2019, Off we go...

Item added Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Welcome back. The new year kicked off in fine style at Whare Flat with the stunning weather being a welcome addition to the great lineup of musicians that were there to entertain us. There were a lot of new faces attending who were impressed by the festival and I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the organisers who put so much of their time and attention into making this such a  great event.  

We started the clubnights earlier this year than ever before and last Sunday was a one out of the box. Dianne Madill put together a mammoth concert of performers of Peter Madill's instruments and every one was a gem. Most of us had no idea who and what had been organised - Graham Wardrop, The Eastern, Joseph  Balfe to name but a few. 

So this year promises to be a great one - get yourself along on a Sunday night - there is nowhere else you can get such great entertainment for so little.
See you there.
Bernadette Berry (President)

Let us keep you warm this winter

Item added Monday, May 14, 2018

It's been great to see that the move back to Sundays seems to have been a good idea. We've had good attendances over recent weeks and hopefully that keeps building as we move into winter. Now that we've solved the problem of the heat pump that gives out when the outside temperature gets too low by having a second one installed, we can guarantee you a great place to spend your Sunday evenings - good company, good music and a warm place to be.

Our latest theme night was a great event and we will continue to have these because they encourage people to move outside their usual repertoires and bring something else to life. At the AGM we celebrated the dedication to the club of a number of people and we have dedicated all of July to these people. Each of them, Kathryn Olcott, Steve Barkman, Dianne Morris, Peter Madill and Vic McDonald have been given a night to arrange performers of their choice to fill the night. These are always great events where you get to hear people who don't often perform at the folk club.
So come and use our electricity this winter and keep yourselves warm at 50 Dundas.
BB - Pres.

New Life Members

Item added Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The committee has approved three new life memberships for outstanding contribution to the New Edinburgh Folk Club (and in some cases, its predecessors) over many years - several decades - and their ongoing commitment to the folk music community both locally and nationally.

They are Steve Barkman, Peter Madill and Vic McDonald.

These were ratified at the 2018 AGM 

It would be rare to attend a folk music event in Dunedin that didn't feature a beautiful instrument made by Peter or Steve, and individually they have contributed so much to the ongoing success of our craft. Steve has given long standing service as a sound engineer and Peter has given of his skills in construction and maintenance for the club and as a committee member and more recently, president. Both Peter and Steve's ties to the club predate current members by some years.

Vic McDonald has been continuously involved at committee level for more years than any of us can remember and is a veteran of our festivals, active and inclusive in singing sessions and a keen supporter of our Open Mic nights.

Life Members
  • Neil Dixon (deceased)
  • Cyril Sharp (deceased) 
  • Ted Ross
  • Evelyn Entwistle (deceased) 
  • Bob Entwistle (deceased)
  • Kevin McLoughlan
  • Bernadette Moroney
  • Mike Moroney
  • Lois Simpson
  • Peter Madill
  • Steve Barkman
  • Vic McDonald 

Membership and Voting at the AGM

Item added Friday, March 2, 2018

The Dunedin Folk Club AGM is set down for Sunday 29th April at 6pm at the clubrooms, 50 Dundas Street. There are several vacant positions on the committee including the position of Treasurer.

All are most welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting but you must be a current (2017/18) financial member to vote. New memberships will not be accepted on the day of the AGM (as all new memberships have to be passed by the committee). Existing member renewals can be accepted at any time (including any arrears).

Our constitution allows for 3 executive positions, President, Treasurer and Secretary and 7 ordinary members. All positions are contestable but it has often been our practice to "roll over" those committee members who wish to stay on if there are no other nominees. Where ordinary members are concerned, if the number of nominations exceeds the number of positions (7) by a small amount, we would declare those nominees elected too. It would be put to the floor that this would be acceptable by a show of hands.

Nomination forms and Membership forms are available from the Downloads page. Nominations for committee positions must be to the Secretary ( or PO Box 6093) by Sunday 22nd April 2018.

A Club Administrator

Item added Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the light of the ever-increasing responsibilities of running and maintaining our venue, coordinating bookings and compliance obligations, the committee has decided to put some money aside for the position of a Club Administrator for a few hours a week. Responsibilities of the position would include venue bookings, banking, financial filing and reporting, grant applications and other operational tasks.

The Administrator will report to the President and be in attendance at committee meetings. The committee will remain responsible for all governance issues and continue with all their existing functions: organising club concerts, events and festivals. The committee believes that this is a necessary innovation to keep our operation sustainable and avoid burning out a few most willing horses. This position, along with the sustainability of 50Dundas will be reviewed in 2019.

While we do have someone in mind for the position of Club Administrator, we welcome any expressions of interest from club members. Email for further information.

2018 AGM

Item added Sunday, February 18, 2018

This year's AGM will be held on Sunday 29th April at 6pm at the clubrooms, 50 Dundas Street. There are several vacant positions on the committee including the position of Treasurer.

Please think carefully about the stewardship of the club, the venue and our festivals - we increasingly need good enthusiastic people to keep the club running well. If you think you are such a person, please talk to a club member or committee member about being nominated. If you know of someone who you think would be a good committee member, please talk to them and nominate them if they are willing. The nomination form can be accessed here.

Please note, although we try to roll over committee positions for incumbents wishing to stay on, all positions are contestable.

Chistchurch Invasion

Item added Monday, February 12, 2018

The social we had at the end of last year was very successful so we have decided to repeat it this Friday 16th Feb. We would love you to come along and welcome members of the Christchurch Folk Club to Dunedin. This is a free night with a cash bar. Starts at 6pm with a pot luck dinner - plan to eat at 6.30pm. (If cooking is a hassle there are supermarkets nearby with cooked chickens, bread, cheeses, pre-prepared salads  etc. two pizza places nearby and hot chips are always welcome,) 

If you can't make the pot luck part, our Northern friends will give us a concert from about 8pm. Just a reminder that when we have a licence you can't bring your own drinks.
Love to see you there.
DFC President

What your committee has been up to.

Item added Thursday, February 1, 2018

You'll be aware by now we have decided to move the club night back to Sundays following Easter but until then we have a whole lot of wonderful extra concerts for you to come to if Fridays don't work for you.

For the Christmas event we trialled a free social night at the club which proved to be popular so we are repeating this for the Christchurch Invasion on Feb 16th - bring some food along for a pot luck dinner/social (6pm)  to make these people welcome at our club or just come afterwards for the concert if you can't make that (7.30/8pm)

We have replaced the mixed bag of wine glasses for a uniform set so that you know your wine is as much as anyone else's :-)

We have a group working on improving our sound equipment and lighting so that your overall experience on club nights should be getting better all the time. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything you think we should be doing.

See you at the club,


REVIEW: Alan Reid & Larry Kaplin

Item added Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Forty or so graced the portals for one of the more relaxed concerts we've had at 50Dundas for some time. Scottish singer-songwriter Alan Reid is on a bus-man's holiday with his pal, American maritime songwriter Larry Kaplan. Larry's songs of Great Lakes, great vessels and great disasters were lyrical; true ballads in the folk sense. Lovely voice and complimentary guitar style.

Alan, on the other hand (and by his own admission), doesn't have a guitar style; so he restricted the six-string to only a couple of songs and was much more at home behind his beloved piano (generously lent by Lindsey Shields). The keyboard is the instrument for which he most identified, having been driving the famous Battlefield Band from that station for some 30 years. Add to this his considerable songwriting ability and an amazing back-catalogue of originals, both sides of the interval were filled with a comprehensive tour of Scotland and its many characters, sung and (previously) unsung. Occasionally there were nods to other great Scottish minstrels - most notably his rendition of Davy Steel's Last Trip Home.

Both men have gentle beguiling voices and accompaniment styles, and were just as accessible off-stage as on. It was a true pleasure to have hosted them at 50Dundas.
Mike Moroney. 

Changing Clubnight Days - Again!

Item added Monday, January 8, 2018

It has been an interesting exercise, moving our clubnights to Friday evenings. In spite of the immense enthusiasm from many of you for a Friday night concert instead of Sunday, this hasn't really panned out. Attendance has been much the same, with many of the same people - a lot of whom have preferred Sundays. Even the odd Friday-flag-waver has admitted that they are more likely to attend on a Sunday when there are less things to compete with their end-of-week celebrations.

After several straw polls and an online survey, we've come to the decision to move back (gradually) to Sunday nights. We will be starting regular Sunday clubnights from Easter onward. But do keep an eye on the newsletter and website, as there will still be many special concerts and events on other nights too.

Your committee is working extremely hard to bring you great entertainment in a great environment. We are still not covering the cost of our rent and this is taking a toll on our cash in the bank. We are giving ourselves to the end of next year to turn this around - but we can't do it without your support; coming along and paying at the door. We endeavor to bring you the best possible value for what we think is an excellent night out every week.

Dates to Remember

Item added Thursday, October 5, 2017

Member's Social and Film - 12th Nov

Those of you at the 40th Whare Flat Festival will remember people running around filming and recording many events for the purposes of making a documentary about folk music in New Zealand.  Bernard Madill has been working on the editing of this since that time and has a final product for us to view.  We are celebrating this by having a members night on Sunday 12th November @ 6pm.  Bring along your choice of drink and some food for a pot luck dinner.  We don't yet have facilities for heating food so bring it ready to go.  We will follow dinner with the film premiere. 


Dunedin Songwriter's Tribute - 17th Nov

This is a night where Dunedin song writers will be celebrated. But - it has a difference - song writers cannot perform their own stuff - they will pick a song/tune from a different Dunedin songwriter and perform that in their own style. If you want to be part of this contact Bernadette on 

Craig Smith and Lil' Chuck

Item added Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A superb concert on Sunday afternoon 1st August from 3pm: two larger-than-life performers. Brought to you by Yellow Eye. Stories, Songs and Stompin'.

$15 - includes cash bar and cafe. 


Item added Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saturday 30th September 2017
Band: Equinox All Star Band
Tickets: Adult $40.00
Teens $10.00
Kids by donation
Doors open 7:00pm
Come along and celebrate the Spring Equinox Ceilidh / Hoedown with
great music, dancing, tasty country food, spit roast, raffles, and more!
Important – BYO drink and vessel
Hoedown Band
Where: Pukehiki District Hall
All proceeds will go towards restoration of our Hall!
Click here to see pictures of previous Hoedowns.
To buy tickets please send an email to

Call for Performers

Item added Wednesday, September 13, 2017

If you can provide one hour's entertainment from 2 to 3 on a Thursday afternoon, the South Dunedin Seniors Group

 would love to have you! They meet in the supper room of the South Dunedin Town Hall (around 15 people). There is a piano available if that's your gig and they pay (total) $40.00 to performers. You'd probably get a cup of tea and meet some nice people too. 

Contact Trish Drysdale, South Dunedin Seniors Group Facilitator: 027 916 7059 or

Jukebox Highway on Access Radio

Item added Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Jukebox Highway is a most interesting radio show curated by John Egenes and sponsored by the Dunedin Folk Club. You can listen to any number of back-issues here. It is going out live to air on Fridays at 11am and is repeated at 3pm on the following Sunday. A hot-pickin’ hour of roots, folk and country music along with news of local gigs and chats with guests from around the globe. Listen to it on 105.4FM or 1575AM, or stream it live from the Otago Access Radio website at

The programme will also be replayed at various times on Kiwifolk Radio. 

Clubroom upgrade

Item added Thursday, August 17, 2017

We're working hard to make the clubrooms more convivial so that it is somewhere you want to come and socialise as well as listen to good music. In recent months a new heat pump was put in and this has made a big difference to the warmth of the place on our cold winter nights. You hopefully have noticed the improvements in the cafe area with new shelving, the more compact counter and food covers. Thanks to Peter Madill and Phil Corfield for their building and painting skills for this work.

The committee have just approved the purchase of a number of folding tables so that the auditorium can quickly swap between rows of seats or cafe/nightclub style seating so you can look forward to seeing those soon.

We are also purchasing a lockable glass fronted fridge for alcohol so that we can move towards getting a club licence for regular club nights. 

Any other improvements you think we need to think about let us know so that we can make this the place you want to be on a Friday night. 

Your Club Needs You!

Item added Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Prez Sez: 
If you are a performer we probably know about you. However if you have any other skills we probably don't. We need people who can help us in a lot of areas so if you are someone who has skills in marketing, IT, plumbing, building, interior design and would be happy to help we would love to hear from you. The cafe crew has been working hard for two years now so if anyone can help with that area and give some of them a break we want you on our list. We also need people who can handle money on the door, amusing comperes, people who can billet artists, sound or lighting techs and people who will put up posters. Drop us an email here - or let us know at the club.

New Committee, Same Great Entertainment.

Item added Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bernadette Berry was elected unopposed as the new President of the Dunedin Folk Club. In addition, Anne Tacon (Secretary), Kathryn Olcott (Treasurer), Anna Bowen (Festival Coordinator), Vic McDonald, Denis Gordon, Ali Wallace, Lindsey Shields, Kirk Hamilton and Mike Moroney were elected as your new committee.

Bernadette says, "The first thing I would like to do is thank all the previous committee members for their work over the last year under Peter's leadership. Thanks also to retiring members Penny, Cushla and Dianne for their hard work and dedication.

"When we took over our new clubrooms almost two years ago, we expected to run at a substantial loss for some years. The previous committees have managed to make the new venue viable much faster than we anticipated allowing this new committee to look at how we now develop various aspects of our club activities. 

"With a view to that, this next Sunday is a club night and we'll all be there, so take the opportunity to tell us what you would like to see happening. We have some ideas of our own too.
"I'll try to get a monthly report of committee activities onto the 'news' section of the website so that you can keep in touch with what we're up to. Looking forward to a great year!"

The Nukes Concert and Workshop at 50Dundas

Item added Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi all our Dunedin Nukes friends, we've put together a workshop and show package for Dunedin on Friday May 5th from 6pm.This will be our Nukes III album release show and you are welcome to join on in. We are at 50Dundas ( the old church) and would look to begin the workshop from 6pm running for an hour or so  followed by a two set show from 7.45pm  .All ages are welcome although some of the young uns may need parents/guardians along for the show part. We are contacting you directly to offer workshop and show tickets for a pre book price of $25 . We will also use this as a way to get feedback on what you would like within the workshop itself  - we would like to incorporate a couple of tunes which we can send through for you to play along with us in the show itself as well as some general tips and techniques . Feel free to let others know of the show , tickets for $15 pre sale on the show only  ….General tickets will be available soon at Relics and online with eventfinda for $20 so keep an eye out .
All you need to do is email your booking confirmation and we take your name , phone and email and have your name on the door for cash payment  on the night ( prepayment to our account can be arranged with invoice supplied if required) . The workshop numbers are limited so please fire away if at all interested . CD’s and songbooks will be available at the show . We’ve had a great response to this new album with us peaking at Number 30 on the National  album charts and so far 4 weeks in the NZ album charts in the top 10 …more details and links below . If you aren’t already check in and friend us on facebook , we also have a new website
Cheers Simon for The Nukes ukulele trio  ( )
Ph 0274403058

A quick survey about our communication.

Item added Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well, we've been in 50Dundas for a year now and all in all, we think it's going very well. We're always trying to improve our communication with our members, friends and visitors. Take five minutes to complete this survey so we know what's working and what's not.

And thank you all for your continued support of our club and our venue. You can also email us any time at with bouquets or brickbats!

Finally! Our Very Own Venue

Item added Tuesday, June 23, 2015

After years of surfing on the declining fortunes of many Dunedin hospitality enterprises, the New Edinburgh Folk Club has finally signed a lease on an ideal premises in North Dunedin. Members will remember our various tenures at The Church; this is the other side of that building, the former Academy Theatre. 
We're excited to have the opportunity to develop the best little acoustic music auditorium in the village and we invite you to come on board and be part of the project.

How can I help?

First, subscribe to our newsletter:

Second, please join the club, or check that your membership is current. Email for details on how to join or to confirm your status. The more members we have, the better we can serve you with the best in folk and acoustic music events; artists and public alike. Remember: membership has its privileges. 

Third, if you are a keen local, you could volunteer for one or more of the various duty rosters that we will inevitably implement to keep the venue ticking over.

Fourth; suggest a name for our new venue.

Last, and most important, support us by coming along to our concerts and events. You'll find there's a lot more to enjoy.

Thanks to the committee and everyone else who has contributed to our arrival. Now watch us grow!

Memorial Service for Mark Laws

Item added Monday, January 31, 2011

There will be a memorial service for Mark on Saturday 19th February at 10:30am at the Pirates Rugby Football Club; a club that Mark had strong association with through touch, refereeing and as coach of the women's team. All who knew Mark are most welcome to attend.

Mark (Maaka) Laws was an active member of the New Edinburgh Folk Club for more than a decade, as well as a long-time member of the now-defunct Pioneer Pog 'n' Scroggin Bush Band. Mark had strong associations with the Whare Flat Folk Festival and was largely responsible for developing the technical and stage-management culture we enjoy there today. Mark's second daughter was nearly born at the festival and we still remember Jamie Laws birthday (20 years this year!) each new years day.

Clubmembers and musicians who knew Mark are invited to join in a musical tribute to him. What form this will take will be advised at the time, but bring an instrument if you desire. A last wah wah ooh from the Waipango Billy Lickers.

Cyril (Cecil) Sharp, 1924 - 2011

Item added Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cecil Henry Sharp, known to us all as Cyril, died on Wednesday, Jan 5. His funeral will be at Hope and Sons at 10 am on Monday 10th January.

Marcus Turner writes:
"I first heard about Cyril, from a colleague who lived in Milton, where Cyril had once lived and worked, long before I met him. I guess he was the sort of person people describe as a "character": he had a fine sense of humour, and an almost inexhaustible supply of jokes. In the early days of the New Edinburgh Folk Club, Cyril was often accompanied by his wife and at least one or two of their offspring.

He's been associated with the NEFC for at least 35 years, as far as I can recall.

Cyril played three-row melodeon in a style I've not seen anywhere else. His repertoire consisted mainly of tunes from the mid years of the 20th Century (I think) and his style of playing used a lot of octaves and right-hand chords. In the last few years, he'd been tinkering more and more with banjo-mandolins.

His "spot" at the Whare Flat Folk Festival, just near the side of the road on the way to the ablutions block, has been vacant these latter few years as Cyril found camping increasingly more strenuous. Many people will remember his gifts of shortbread at the New Year.

During 2010, we seemed to hear of the death of a loved folkie every month. This year's Whare Flat Festival seems to have been bracketed by the deaths of Maaka Laws and Cyril."

Cyril was a Life Member of the New Edinburgh Folk Club.

[Photo by Andrew MacKay]

Musician, academic, friend and Folk Club member dies.

Item added Friday, January 7, 2011

Dr. Mark R. Laws DipGrad, MSc (Distinction), PhD (Otago), Member RSNZ
1958 - 2010
Ko Pūtauaki te maunga.
Ko Tarawera te awa, te Awa o te Atua.
Ko te moana ā Toi ki te huatahi.
Ko Mataatua me Te Arawa ngā waka.
Ko Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Te Arawa ngā iwi.
Ko Te Tawera, me Ngāti Umutahi, me Ngā Maihi ngā hapū.
Ko Oniao me Iramoko ngā marae.
Ko Matata te kāinga.
Ko Pateriki rāua ko Pirihita Ngamare te whānau.

On December 30th, Mark died while diving for crayfish at Te Kaha on the East Coast. His tangi was held on Tuesday.

Much is written in publications across the country about Mark's academic achievements. It came as a surprise to many at his tangi that he was a passionate musician also and played in bands for many years; most notably the Wai Pango Billy Lickers (from his days in the NZ Army) and later, The Pioneer Pog 'n' Scroggin Bush Band.

Mark was an active member of the New Edinburgh Folk Club from its early days until he returned to his people in Whakatane, a dozen or so years ago. He is survived by his wife Karina, their daughters Renae, Jamie and Ani and five mokopuna. Our hearts go out to them.[tt_news]=154&tx_ttnews[backPid]=17&cHash=78e174fe5f

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