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June 2018
Thomas Loefke (IE)
24 June 2018
July 2018
Hyram's Picks
1 July 2018
Dianne's Picks
8 July 2018
Hyram's Picks
Sunday, July 01, 2018

Starts 7:30 pm


The first in a series of Winter Picks nights. 

With the impending 4th of July coming, we've given Hyram Ballard (The Chaps, Dr. Twang and Melissa Partridge) the run of the shop: he gets to choose the acts for the night.

Hyram writes, "In celebration of all that is good about America, a few of the local ex-pats and some of their kiwi pals will once again gather for the annual American Night at the Dunedin Folk Club. Herded into a group by Dr (Hyram) Twang, the performers will be, (separately and together and in no particular order), Terry Ebeling, Leo and Oscar Ladell, Flora Knight, Robbie Stevens with Valley Bluegrass, Read and Kay Hudson, John Dodd, Adie K, Heather Ladell with Pearl Street and Melissa Partridge. Come on out for a night of American music by American musicians and some kiwis that have earned their musical Green Cards. The date is July 1, the closest Club night we can get to July 4, American Independence Day. Boy, isn’t that looking like a mistake now…"

 $5 - all welcome

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