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December 2017
Malcolm Gordon
1 December 2017
Songwriters in the Round
2 December 2017
Albi and the Wolves (Ak)
8 December 2017
Final Clubnight Christmas Party
15 December 2017
The Whare Flat Folk Festival
from 30 Dec 2017
to 3 Jan 2018
January 2018
Alan Reid (UK)
20 January 2018
February 2018
Esther Swift (UK)
18 February 2018
Malcolm Gordon
Friday, December 01, 2017

Starts 7:30 pm

Malcolm Gordon is a singer/songwriter who was raised on a South Otago sheep farm, schooled in Dunedin before being exiled to the North Island for 7 years. Having found his way back home again with a couple of kids and a gaggle of songs, he has begun work on a new album and live set with Matt Caradus (Native) and Andrew Harray (The Falconets). Over the years, Gordon's writing has spanned pop, gospel and acoustic rock, until more recently he has found a resting place within the celtic infused folk tradition. Mining the past and the present for moments and stories that take his fancy leads Gordon to write songs that have both whimsy and depth. The new collection of songs touches on themes of belonging, lament, hope and the necessity of departure. His song, 'Open the Door' won the open category of the 2017 Robbie Burns Songwriting Competition, while his latest album, 'The Cobbler's Grandson', made the top 10 of the NZ Album Charts.'
'Malcolm Gordon is a craftsman of notes - both poetic and musical - and accompanied by his own effortless guitar playing, his songs bring vivid tapestries to life with his own unique brand of folk-inspired storytelling.'
- Geoff Duncan (NZ Music Award winner & Nashville based producer/songwriter)

Cash Bar available.

$10 ($5 members)

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