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June 2017
Midwinter Potluck Feast & General Rumbuction
30 June 2017
July 2017
Reb Fountain & Friends
1 July 2017
Jock Walton's Accordion Crimes
7 July 2017
Legal Tender
14 July 2017
Daniel Madill
21 July 2017
Vic Manuel
22 July 2017
Mitch and Danny
28 July 2017
Reb Fountain & Friends
Saturday, July 01, 2017

Starts 7 pm

Reb FountainSam Prebble and Dylan Storey have been writing and performing together for over 12 years. They have released multiple recordings under their respective names, Reb Fountain and the BanditsBond Street Bridge and Dylan Storey and as such have all been performing at The Wine Cellar since itís inception over 13 years ago.  

Hopeful and Hopeless was born out of a desire to capture the tunes Reb had been writing whilst on the road with The Eastern - Sam had been touring The Explorers Club and Dylan had become a dad - so with their full album (Little Arrows) on the back burner they set to work to record a fine selection of Rebís latest tunes. Rohan Evans suggested they perform this collection and record it at his venue, and their second home, The Wine Cellar.  

The show stands out in Rebs memory as she had that day, crammed in the usual lot, with two kids, two big black dogs, several jobs and soundcheck -  sure enough the night of the gig Reb managed to sing her way through soundcheck but lost her voice near completely for the show. Luckily her bandits picked up the slack and sung rowdily enough to compensate for her whole lower register disappearing.  With hurrahs for an encore Sam and Reb stayed on stage to perform Slave on violin and piano respectively, (one of the songs on Rebís up and coming album Little Arrows).  


It was the last time Reb would share the stage with Sam. 


It was a long time after Samís death that Reb could revisit any of the music she had made with Sam.  The loss of someone you love is great without their music to haunt you. 

And there was so much unfinished and unsaid.  Grappling with the loss of her dear friend and musical companion, and struggling with the Ďwhat ifísí surrounding their unfinished musical works, Reb knew intrinsically that the only way forward was to reconnect with Sam, by completing their unfinished projects, first Hopeful and Hopeless and finally the album Little Arrows.


ďWith Samís passing I didnít know if I could play my music knowing he was gone Ė for realz.  The unfinished musical projects came back to haunt me.  If only I had finished it, if only; the beginning of a list of if onlyís that hurt in my bones.   Dave Khan - Samís Wine Cellar Strings co-captain Ė reminded me of something that I now hold on to with all my might.  Releasing a record is nothing in comparison to the experience of growing it from the earth up with your loved ones.  I will always have that time in my heart Ė Sam has it too.  Sam gave so many gifts but the best of all has been the honour of sharing a little of his journey with me.  Iíve got my own new world full of Sam Prebble to explore Ė two records and countless demos laden with our respective journeys. What goes on tour stays on tour but music is for everyone.  Now if only I could read this map.Ē

Reb Fountain


Hopeful and Hopeless features Reb Fountain (vocals, acoustic guitar), Dave Khan (accordion, acoustic guitar), Sam Prebble (violin, banjo), Dylan Storey (electric guitar) Brendan Turner (bass), and Cole Goodley (drums).

It was engineered and mixed by Rohan Evans and mastered by Simon Gooding.

Thanks to Rohan Evans & Arcade Recordings Hopeful & Hopeless will also be available on vinyl.

$15 door - $10 pre-sales tickets from www.undertheradar.co.nz
Not a Folk Club event so no discounts for members but we're keen to promote it. Promises to be a great night!

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