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June 2017
Waimate Folk Festival
from 2 Jun 2017
to 5 Jun 2017
Toru - Crossing Borders
9 June 2017
Lisa Tui
11 June 2017
Malcolm Gordon
16 June 2017
23 June 2017
Midwinter Potluck Feast & General Rumbuction
30 June 2017
July 2017
Jock Walton's Accordion Crimes
7 July 2017
Legal Tender
14 July 2017
Daniel Madill
21 July 2017
Vic Manuel
22 July 2017
Mitch and Danny
28 July 2017
Daniel Madill
Friday, July 21, 2017

Starts 7:30 pm

I create garage folk songs for the modern fears: days spent at tills and the swapping of bills. Itís a big sounding psych, folk, blues mash. Howliní Wolf, Arthur Lee and Gene Clarke are my holy trinity. I've played shows from one end of the long white cloud to the other: bars, libraries, churches, town halls, truck trailers and a gondola. During my travels, I've had the honour of sharing the stage with some very talented musicians, including The Eastern, Bill Morris, The Tattle Tale Saints, Mali Mali, Shunkan, Luckless and Violet French.

Early 2015 saw the release of my first EP, Diatom. Just me and guitar laid down on an old Tascam four track; a little nod to eighties and nineties low-fi. Iím no luddite but simplicity is my key. The EP got a bit of an airing around the place, here's what someone else had to say about it:

"The calm power of Danielís songs has a great way of soothing your mind and day, and they also have this driven-ness that energizes you when you hear them, whether it's been for the first or the fiftieth time." - Jon Bakos, Radio One 91FM.

I was born in Dunedin, New Zealand. A city Keith Richards hates so much he took the time to mention it in his autobiography. Itís also the city where, on a diet of marmite toast and gumboot tea, I chiselled out my sound on a guitar my uncle made and my father once played.

In 2014 a rusty people mover took me up the road to the suburbs of Christchurch, where Iíve continued to spread my anti-folk vision. Iíve got a new EP in the works and my head is still stuffed full of songs to be written so keep your ears to the ground, there is more of this story to come!

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