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May 2022
Melissa & The Dr and Friends
22 May 2022
Both Sides of the Line
29 May 2022
June 2022
Bare Essentials
12 June 2022
Jonathan Robinson Returns!
19 June 2022
Ollie Crooks and Jared Smith
26 June 2022
July 2022
American Themed Night
3 July 2022
Arun O'Connor
10 July 2022
Return of the Divas
17 July 2022
Simona Smirnova
24 July 2022
The Port Hillbillies
31 July 2022
August 2022
AGM & One Year at Opoho Celebration
7 August 2022
Robert Milne
14 August 2022
Butter Wouldn't Melt
21 August 2022
Accordion Crimes
28 August 2022
September 2022
We Mavericks
11 September 2022
The Port Hillbillies
Sunday, July 31, 2022

Starts 7:30 pm

Emerging from the shadows of the Port Hills, one American, Justin Rogers on mandolin, guitar and vocals, one Aussie Gary Elford on guitar, acoustic bass and vocals. They meet up with a six-toed Kiwi singer, banjo and guitar player Steve Stern to share their love of Bluegrass, Old Time and Americana music.
Playing together now for over five years they have formed into a well-balanced instrumental and vocal trio, driven by Steveís banjo playing and Justinís sympathetic and innovative mandolin ornamentation. Garyís contribution on guitar and bass pulls the whole thing together into the tight unit that is the Port Hillbillies. They play a range of songs and tunes from toe tapping recognisable standards to obscure songs from neighbouring genres that are given the Port Hillbillies once over.
The Port Hillbillies formed out of the Christchurch Folk Music Clubís open mic concerts in 2016, where the duo of Steve Stern (banjo) and Kris Brown (guitar and vocals) was joined by Gary always-looking-for-a-retirement-gig Elford and recent arrival Justin Rogers. The group started life as a four piece with guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin, getting together each Tuesday night to trade tunes. As with some good things, they often morph. The dark shadow of change was cast upon the group when the lead singer/guitarist (Kris Brown) accepted a job opportunity in upstate New York. The 3 remaining Hillbillies decided to continue as a trio based around guitar, banjo and mandolin.
The bandís set lists are based on the principle of shared vocals and variety in both instrumentation and style. While each player often plays to their strengths, a song is occasionally mixed up by rotating instruments, or swapping in a bass or harmonica for variety and a more textured performance.
The Port Hillbillies have been popular additions to various festivals over the last few years building up a wide band of followers from the deep south, where they have performed at the Catlins Bluegrass, Blues and Roots Festival and the Riverton Harvest Festival. Closer to home in Canterbury they have been in concert at the Christchurch Folk Music Club, Balcairn Hall, Oxford Town Hall, Lyttelton Farmers Market as well as the very popular Canterbury Folk Music Festival held every Easter at Waipara.

$15 public
$10 members

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