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October 2019
Bettenroo - USA
20 October 2019
November 2019
Both Sides The Line CD Release
3 November 2019
Come All Ye
10 November 2019
The Songs of Joni Mitchell
17 November 2019
Jon Sanders
24 November 2019
December 2019
The Dragonfly Rustlers
1 December 2019
Jon Sanders
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Starts 7:30 pm

    Fresh from launching his brand new album Nada Brahma  in Europe, bassouki world music artist Jon Sanders brings his eclectic sounds to NZ for a two month nationwide tour starting October 2019. Featuring 12 tracks that explore the world of sound in the Celtic Folk, Afrofunk and Kirtan genres, Nada  Brahma (meaning the word is sound in ancient Hindu) is 5 years in the making and has some world class artists guesting on the tracks.

    Jon Sanders has developed a unique world music sound and style that evokes diverse cultures in a "quantum leaping" way, so says the  Irish Times. Playing the bass mandola and the 8 stringed, guitar-bodied guizouki, Jon uses a 2nd pickup to add bass lines to create a depth and colour to his compositions, which draw on Celtic, Arabic, African and contemporary styles. Add  a percussive stomp and emotive vocals and  the sounds soar into a new dimension!

   In contrast, he finger-picks an upside-down, variously-tuned uke, giving Mali-inspired rhythms and melodies alongside bluegrass stomp and Celtic/Mexican hybrids. Called the ngoni-uke, the wee instrument sounds harp-like, funky as and a wee bit cheeky.

     That's why the Irish Times arts section, The Ticket, called his third album- Zoukelele - " a deeply meditative, impishly playful, jazz tinged collection".

Jon will be joined on this tour by a very special guest his daughter Jenny Sanders.

 More tour info at

Spotify: Jon Sanders


Facebook/Jon Sanders Music

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