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December 2019
A Family Affair - The Shields Family plus The Nepotists
8 December 2019
End of year club night - Committee's choice
15 December 2019
Whare Flat Folk Festival (not at 50Dundas)
from 30 Dec 2019
to 3 Jan 2020
January 2020
Summer of Love - A Flower Power club night
19 January 2020
Jackie Bristow USA / NZ
26 January 2020
February 2020
Ian Coulls AUS
2 February 2020
Andy Irvine IRE
9 February 2020
2 Bit Jug Band USA
16 February 2020
Alistair Brown UK
23 February 2020
March 2020
Jordan Brodie AUS
15 March 2020
Ronel Hunter CD release
22 March 2020
A Family Affair - The Shields Family plus The Nepotists
Sunday, December 08, 2019

Starts 7:30 pm

Our final Family Affair night for 2019 features The Shields family, Lindsey and sons Eugene and Max, with an eclectic mix of originals and favourite covers. Eugene and Max grew up with musical instruments always available in the house and graciously helped to populate their mother's school music department by encouraging their mates along. They have each been in various bands in their teenage and adult life, most recently working together in their band Horatio, performing original songs. Lindsey has appeared in several line-ups locally and is also a songwriter and solo performer. 

The evening will open with a support band - The Nepotists / Tear down the fences / Fruit Salad

They say "Yes, a band without a name but plenty of suggestions! Call us what you like.

We love making music together and have previously taken part in the Robbie Rocks song competition. Phil Glassey plays guitar and sings, and his son Ben plays the bass and any other instrument you ask him. The other family part is Phil’s partner, Heike, with her clarinet and her son, Liam, on drums.

Our music consists of a range of covers as well as songs composed by Phil. When we practise we talk about our songs and how to sing them, but really Phil is the boss! - (someone needs to be!)."


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