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21 July 2019
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28 July 2019
August 2019
A Family Affair - The Hudson Family
4 August 2019
Come-All-Ye - Family
11 August 2019
A Family Affair - The LaDell Family
18 August 2019
A Family Affair - The Bidwell Family
25 August 2019
A Family Affair - The Hudson Family
Sunday, August 04, 2019

Starts 7:30 pm

Betty Hudson, theffamily matriarch has been singing and performing since slightly after the dawn of time and her sons are looking to equal her feat. The boys had their own family band back in the early 70s then went their separate ways musically and individually. Currently all are back in Dunedin although Read, Kay, the Cat and the Bus are likely to be anywhere at any time, but when they are not playing elsewhere they like to busk down at the Farmer's market under the name the Hooray Henry's. When the senior Hudsons are out on the road, Read's place is ably filled by keyboardist James MacAndrew.                                                                       
Read has made a name for himself in the country and folk fields. playing a variety of instruments , guitar, electric guitar, dobro, pedal steel, mandolin, ukulele and lap steel to name just a few, having spent time in Auckland and the West Coast , Read has played in many bands and currently performs with his singer/guitarist/songwriter wife Kay playing many of her original songs. Read recently toured NZ and Australia with Bevan Gardiner’s John Denver Show and is also a member of the Hill Billy Blues Band.

Stephen and Christopher (drums and bass respectively) after paying serious dues as rhythm section for many local bands headed off to Australia in 1977 and served with distinction in as many Oz ensembles over the ensuing decades, including Glen Shorrock, Stevie Wright .Rose Tattoo slide guitarist Peter Wells, Dave Steel, Ray Beadle and the Vipers, The Buddy Holly Story and it's touring club show, and Sydney Rock n Roll Revival Band the Comets, to name but a few. Chris moved to Melbourne early 2000s and has played all around Victoria. Stephen returned to Dunedin in '05 to complete a Fine Arts degree begun in 1969. He was snapped up by the Oxo Cubans and Sufficiently Breathless straight away and has become a member of John Dodd's Whirling Eddys as well as an associate member of Delgirl.  Drummer of choice for the Northern Artery Cabaret group, Nev Coupland's Pequeno Houseband, Erin Morton's solo work and Bill Morris's Hinterland band. He is the fill in drummer of choice for Tahu and the Takahes and King Leo's Blues revues. He also teaches drums and ukulele.

Christopher arrived back in Dunedin in time for Chrissie a couple of years backs and has been sitting in and recording with a bunch of Dunedin players and made a notable appearance with Dunedin born, Melbourne based singer/guitarist JoJo Smith at this year’s Whare Flat Music Festival Chris is currently bass player with big band Soul Deep and psychedelic revivalists Quick Wilde, Duck.

When the family get together they have a huge collection of shared musical experiences, folk, county, jazz, blues, rock n roll , pop classics , some originals, and the odd (and I mean odd ) tune from the late I. G. Hudson. Unintentional comedy and a few surprises are a hallmark of the Huddies’ personal appearances. They all sing, they all play the ukulele and when childhood chum James Macandrew turns up to play keys (and ukulele ) and add his distinctive vocals to the mix , an eveningof jolly japes, joi de vie and eclectic entertainment ensues.

$10 public
$5 club members

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